Desmond + Jennifer // Married

posted by Daniel Sometimes I wonder why I was given such great opportunities. Yes, hard work, research, discipline and practice make one a better photographer. But I'm not talking about photo ops. What I want to know is how I have been so blessed to meet and work with such awesome people.

When I got to the tiny island of Captiva, Fla., it wasn't long before I was handed a margarita and greeted with hugs.

"We are so happy you're here."

"Can I get you anything?"

"Are you having a good time?"

Of course I had a good time: sandy beaches, palm trees, birds, sea shells, sunshine, margaritas, ocean breeze, warm salty air,  bioluminescent dinofallegates.


The truth is I could have an amazing time with this group of people in cold, blustery Nebraska. Warm smiles, genuine character and open arms are paradise wherever you are.

Thank you, Desmond and Jennifer, Mr. and Mrs. Martindale, and Mr. and Mrs. LaVelle. You and your families are most beautiful and this was an experience I'll never forget.