2011: a look back & our honeymoon

This has been a year of change for us. For one thing, we didn’t start out as The Mullers. We got engaged Jan 15th in our living room and so began the research and details of planning a wedding. Also in January, Daniel had his first photography show with the talented Justin Beller at The New Black gallery. They were both working at a restaurant at the time, and had to trade off shifts with each other so they could make it to their own show.

In April, Daniel started doing photography full-time. He took a week off and traveled with Hear Nebraska and Love Drunk, filming live videos of 15 bands in 13 cities in 15 days. Lauren started a new job at an invitation design studio and letterpress print shop, inclosed Studio. We got married in August in the Iowa countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, rivers and an old barn. We were extremely lucky to have the amazing Stan Jones behind the camera. We took a honeymoon to Boston and Maine. We moved into a new house and adopted two kittens, Poncho and Roxanne. We laughed, sang and danced in 2011.
We fell in love with shooting weddings.
We are usually pretty private when it comes to our personal photos, but in celebration of the year we wanted to share photos from our honeymoon. These are the places we went and the things we saw. This is how we see the world, we’d love to photograph yours.
with love, the Mullers

Jack - Really really really really truly wonderful wonderful. I feel like a privileged brother to get such a pretty peek in on your honey moon adventure in the Northeast. GREAT PICS.

Brianna & Rob /// Married

Brianna and Rob are two of the kindest, most genuine people we have ever met. Not all that long ago, Brianna and Daniel worked side by side, slinging coffee at an Omaha Starbucks, knowing better days were ahead. Here we are, Brianna.  It was a complete joy to photograph their wedding and they welcomed us in like family. Brianna and Rob, thank you.