It’s been a good year.

2012 has been good to us. It was a year of a new marriage and a new business. A year of learning how to take better pictures and a year of turning a whole-hearted love for capturing weddings, families and people into a living. It was a year of learning to work better together, a year of patience, fun and adventure. We met some amazing new friends, traveled a bit, spent time with family and with our cats. Our house became a home. It was a year of dining out and in, balancing jobs and laundry and trying to keep up important relationships despite busy weekends. Mostly it was a year of falling even more in love with each other. We are so thankful and so blessed. Cheers to 2013, we can only imagine what it may have in store.

lydia {ever ours} - gorgeous post. makes me oh so happy that you guys got to be on my blog this past year. thank you for capturing amazing moments in 2012. can’t wait to see your 2013! *throws confetti*

Lindsay Ernst - We are thrilled to be one of your favorites. But we hope you know our experience with you was definitely one of our favorites of 2012 🙂 Loved seeing the variety you capture. They are breathtaking. Cheers to an even better 2013!!

Matt Paddack - Crazy amazing! I’m blown away by your talent and feel luck that we get to work together every now and then. Here’s to another great year!

wyn wiley - i just can’t even. here’s to you and lauren. oh man.

Chelsea Smith - We are honered to be in 2012 top photos! Thank you! And we are so excited and thrilled to have you guys be apart of our day! Keep up the amazing work because you guys truly are amazing! Here’s to a wonderful 2013!

LoCo - OHHHHH MEEEE GOOSHSHHHSHHH Freaking amazeee Balllzzz! Everyone it just kept going and going

amanda vanvels - hot DANG. i can’t even pick my favorite. there’s too many. you guys have insane talent. can’t wait to meet ya someday!

kati - you had a gorgeous year! i’ve enjoyed your work. and pretending that i found one of my long lost d.c. muller relatives 😉

boucksy - cacy + i are honored to be a part of your favorite 2012 moments, i don’t think words can truly express how honored we are to have you a part of ours. the photos you’ve taken for us are our most favorite we’ve ever had, and we love sharing them and sharing your names with anyone we come in contact with. wishing you both, daniel + lauren, a fabulous 2013 with giant opportunities <3

Karen - So much great stuff!! I loved seeing some of my favorite images of yours again and all the new ones- WOAH. Honored to have a photo you took of me in here too! So amazing connecting this year and knowing you and Lauren- so talented and from my home state- just makes me so happy. Can’t wait to rage with you guys in 2013- I’ll be back in Nebraska at least 3 times.. just sayin’ 🙂

Beverly - You both do an amazing job. It was wonderful to review the pictures of our kids wedding. Each time I see a picture it brings back that wonderful day when Greg and Brittani were married and how you captured the love that they for each other. You are truly one of the best in your field. Have a great new year.

abbey - HOLY WOW.

I am blown away by this set of images. So amazing, every single one of them.

Leah - What a year it has been! Congratulations on all of your success and beautiful accomplishments! Here is to another year of joy, smiles, and love!

Alex Matczyszyn - Lots of money pics! I’m glad Amanda and I could make the cut! We wouldn’t have chosen anybody else to photograph the most important day of our lives! Hope to see you guys soon! Keep up the baller picture taking in 2013!

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